DR Ahmed Hussein



His information is very valuable and clearly explained.

Reham Agha

Doctor Ahmed, I have been following you for a little while but really praise God you are very smart and learnt me very valuable information God bless you in your health, your kids, your knowledge and give you more of his bounty and give every miss the good offspring.

Shaimaa Helal El Zein

Watching every video of him, He is really a great doctor gives advices by a professional conscience.

Nasaaem EL Ganan

May God reward you well doctor and make it in your good deeds. You don't know what good you make when you answer the patients' questions.

Habib El Rahman

From a short time, I followed the videos of Dr Ahmed... Really, a wonderful doctor. Clearly and convincingly explains. May God reward you with the good, doctor.


You are a very good and respectable doctor.

Boumoaz and Rieman

5 stars, A respectable person who explains with honesty.

Habibat Rahman

His ability to present information smoothly and most of the information, many of the newly married women are not familiar with it so they gain knowledge about it and start modifying some of the wrong habits.

Bant Elsebaay

He is very good and explains well.

Nisrin Araab

A very respectable person and always reply to the patients. God make him a good source always and give him every good Inshallah.

Yasmin Mohsen

Doctor, thank you for all your explanations.

Sajouda Soujoud Mbarki

A high-level Doctor in Egypt without any exaggeration as well as being caring and keen on the cases. God bless him.

Naser Metwaly

A wonderful Doctor who is optimistic, hopeful and enjoys a humble personality.

zogy tawaam rohy

A Noble character & very informative.

Sara Al Hariri

An amazing doctor. I followed up with him before the pregnancy and during it, seriously, He is very good and comfortable for me in both times of follow up and during childbirth, he calmed me and removed all my worries. Frankly, Doctor more than wonderful God bless him.

Dina Abdelgawad

I recommend that his guidance is taken into account and that his instructions be followed literally, as they come from great scientific knowledge and experience.

Khademat Imam Husayn

I swear by God one of the best characters that anyone can deal with. And always gives hope for any person dealing with him. He was the reason for our happiness after 3 years as we have now jody and credit go for him after God of course.

Mido Hamada

First, a very nice character, I used to follow with him in a place and when he was transferred in his private clinic I almost followed him too. And I became pregnant two months later after my follow up. He gave me excellent attention and a precise follow up to all the details of the pregnancy and his way of talking as if I was a sister, not just a patient. until God rewarded me and gave me marioma. Thank you, Doctor Ahmed.

Heba Shalaby

Good evening, I am from Algeria thank you very much doctor Ahmed for your reply to all my questions. God bless you in all your fields and may God prolong your life and Ramadan Kareem for you and the Egyptian people and the Islamic nation.

Diab Cassandra

God help you and reward you. I am from Algeria, you answered me and advised me. May God keep you safe Doctor Ahmed.

Kãrìkã mãrt míssõ

You, sir, are a respectable and excellent doctor.

Hilal Mohammed

Peace be upon you, I swear to God that the Doctor is more than excellent. I made with him, IVF and God gave me the pregnancy after two surgeries that failed outside and after four years of marriage and really he is not a materialistic doctor. God make it in your good deeds balance.

Shaaban Mohamed

God bless you,
You are human before being a doctor
your keen, compassion and fear on us and attention are beyond reasonable.
Thank God that we had Selim on your hands,
A million words of thanks will not be your right,
Many thanks to you and may God grant you the best.

Sabry Nabil

A Great doctor and has the intention of healing the patient.

Fãťīma Fāťÿ Ben

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