DR Ahmed Hussein

About Us



I live and act by the law:  "If you do not update yourself, you will inevitably retreat backwards."
The speed with which medicine changes and develops, makes coping with it a challenge. And I'm on this challenge.


I aim to be one day, an influencer in my field and a pioneer in my speciality rather than just being a person affected.
In my humble opinion, this is the maximum achievement for any medical practitioner to reach. Hard work, scientific passion and honesty are my tools to reach this goal.


-Keeping up with the scientific and medical development: to keep up with rapid scientific and medical development, this is a challenge. And I am on it.
-Hard work: I work long hours to treat a lot of cases and to ensure my patients ' satisfaction.
-Medical Passion: I have a tremendous passion for Gynaecology, obstetrics, infertility treatment and IVF procedures, and I am always filling it with the latest and most developed news.
-Continuous communication with patients: I always make sure to communicate continuously and daily with the patients by answering their questions through social media platforms.
-Honesty and trust: in the presentation of medical opinions and answers to patients ' inquiries and also in making medical decisions for my patients.
-Patience and compassion: in dealing with my patients, I face their worries and troubles with calmness and wisdom in making decisions.
-Sharing of knowledge and experience for colleagues: I always work on continuous learning and also sharing knowledge and experience with my colleagues.