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Aesthetic Gynaecology

Aesthetic Gynaecology

Many ladies care about their body contour and always dream of reaching the perfect weight and shape. On the way, They strive a lot and make a lot of effort and commitment.
But sometimes a woman may enjoy a beautiful, attractive and svelte body contour, but she does not feel marital happiness and does not experience it.
This is due to defects or disorders in the special feminine areas which greatly affect the marital relationship and intercourse and thus its self-esteem and femininity.
There is no doubt that there is a significant omission in eastern societies with sexuality... Many women may suffer in their personal lives because of ignorance and lack of knowledge of sexual culture and the details of the female genital system.

-Dr Ahmed Hussein realized this cultural and cognitive problem and embraced the dissemination of scientific and intellectual awareness of sexuality and the female reproductive system. Using his knowledge, studies, research and his great experience in this field and his knowledge of many marital problems during the practice of his profession.
-The community blames the woman and accuses her of being pampered and not a responsible lady when she feels pain or does not feel happy during the marital relationship and intercourse... But it does not realize that she may suffer from medical or psychological issue that cause her pain and prevent her from feeling comfortable and happy.

-Aesthetic Gynaecology science is a modern medical speciality and is a promising and rising one where it means all about the reproductive system of women and how to care for it and cure its disorders so that the couple enjoy the utmost happiness, stability and tranquillity during the practice of intercourse which in turn affects their personal lives.

Here we will present the most important disorders that the wife suffers relating her special feminine areas and how to treat her with updated feminine Aesthetic Gynaecology.

1-Laser Vaginal tightening:
Many wives are exposed to a problem that causes them to get upset, stressed and lose pleasure during intercourse, which is the sagging of the vaginal area and the relaxed muscles. Whether due to repeated births or age.
This problem affects not only the wife but the couple together and may cause many marital problems. This problem leads to the widening of the vaginal area and thus the lack of sensation and feeling of the intercourse happiness.

How was treatment done in previous years?
In previous years, the problem of vaginal sagging and muscle relaxation was treated surgically, which means that the wife is subjected to anesthesia, hospitalization, and also abstinence from sexual intercourse for long periods until the wound is healed.

How is the treatment now done?
Now, thanks to the useful scientific development, this problem is treated in only 20 minutes, with the laser, without surgery, without anesthesia, painless, without any side effects and without hospitalization. Also, the dazzling that you will get an immediate result of narrowing the vagina once the session is finished.
The inner vaginal layers are heated, helping to tighten collagen and elastin tissues, thus narrowing the vaginal area and restoring the happiness and tranquillity of the marital relationship.
*The Erb-YAG laser is the latest in the world as it does not cause any side effects and the wife can return to normal life within 3 days.

Are there any contraindications to laser vaginal tightening?
-You must make sure there is no pregnancy.
-Make sure you do not have a coil.
-Ensure that there is no inflammation or vaginal infection. It must be treated first before the procedure.

* Dr Ahmed Hussein recommends Caesarean section if pregnancy occurs after the vaginal tightening. To avoid the problem relapse again.

2-Botox for Vaginismus treatment:
"Vaginismus "... A problem that many wives suffer from but not recognized by many.
Many eastern communities blame the wife when she expresses her complaint of severe pain during intercourse. In fact, this pain is the result of a real problem that is recognized by science and is vaginismus.

What is Vaginismus?
Simply, Vaginismus is an involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles as soon as any external effect approaches, whether during a medical examination or once you start having intercourse.
This problem causes severe pain to the wife, which may reach to refraining from the sexual intercourse and thus the occurrence of many marital problems and instability between the spouses.

How can you realize you are suffering from vaginismus?
You can discover this after feeling great pain during the intercourse and you will feel as if your husband is hitting a wall or a rock without any penetration... If this happens, you must undergo a medical examination and consult a specialist.

Does vaginismus happen by only the first intercourse?
The Answer: No, it can occur at any stage of the wife age as a result of any psychological tension in the marital relationship despite her previous comfortable and relaxed experience in this matter.

Why does vaginismus happen?
The psychological aspect has a factor and a significant role in the occurrence of Vaginismus where the wife before her marriage is subjected to a lot of misconceptions and rumours about the wedding night, the practice of intercourse and the pain that she will feel in this night, which subject her to fear and panic feelings and exposes her to the problem of vaginismus, which may cause termination of the relationship .
This problem is more complicated and more difficult and painful for the wife if the husband insists on intercourse and ignores wife pain where the problem of vaginismus is aggravated and wife pain increases.

What are the symptoms of vaginismus?
-The pain feeling during intercourse which may delete it. 
-The wife may feel tightness in the vaginal muscle.
-Burning sensation during and after intercourse.
-Excessive spasm, that may lead to anal fissure.
We advise the newly married women to know that this condition is common and has a cure and they should only consult a special gynaecologist to treat the problem early so that no problems occur between her and her husband.

So... What is the treatment?
Dr Ahmed Hussein explains the treatment in 3 magical steps:
1-Botox injection.
2-Kegel exercises.
3-Sexual education.

-Botox treatment is only done in 15 minutes, but the husband must first understand this problem and not tension the wife or blame her but reassure her and help her to cure.
Fortunately, thanks to the medical development, science has reached a cure for this problem, which is the Botox injection.
Botox is injected into the vaginal muscles, relaxing it and helping the couple to experience intercourse with ease and without pain yet full happiness.
Botox injections are used in the treatment of many cosmetic problems but recently, their impressive and effective results in the treatment of vaginismus have been discovered.
Vaginal Botox injections are an easy, fast and painless procedure that solves many marital problems.
-With the advent of Botox as a treatment for vaginismus, it is also necessary to spread the correct medical awareness and sexual culture and to deny all rumours and misconceptions about marriage to avoid the occurrence of this problem.

What are Kegel's exercises? 
It is a group of exercises, where you are asked to make a voluntary contraction and relaxation of pelvic muscles to help you control the vagina to reduce and stop the pain feeling. Where you can locate these muscles while urinating. After you start urinating, stop the flow. You use pelvic muscles to do it. You may feel the tension and movement of these muscles where these muscles act as a group, so it is contraction and relaxation for all muscles at the same time.

How many times do I need to do Kegel exercises?
3-4 times a day, for 5-10 minutes each time.

Can the problem of Vaginismus be relapsed after treatment?
Answer: No, absolutely... Do not worry, this problem will not relapse again as long as you get treatment and consultation by a specialized Gynaecologist.

Vaginismus... Can it happen to unmarried?
No doubt that the largest percentage of women who suffer from Vaginismus are married, but it may happen to unmarried couples due to a medical cause such as inflammation of pelvic area.
or due to psychological causes, disorders and concerns.

* Important NOTE: The problem of vaginismus does not disappear alone without treatment, but must be detected and treated after consulting a specialized Gynaecologist.

Nothing remains the same, the woman's body is subjected to many changes throughout her life, which affects her body shape and even the shape of her own feminine areas.
Of course, the most important of these areas is the vaginal area and the labium, where they are exposed to the change, especially after pregnancy and childbirth.

When do I need Labiaplasty?
-If you have an inconsistency in your labium.
-If there is a change and sagging of the labium after pregnancy and childbirth.
-If you suffer from any defect in this area due to hereditary factors.

*Labiaplasty is performed by removing excess tissues and rejuvenating this area.

You can restore your self-esteem, your femininity and your marital happiness after Labiaplasty.

4-Filler for the Special feminine areas:
Do you know that special feminine areas are sagging and wrinkled like normal skin??!
Yes, this may occur as a result of age or pregnancy and repeated deliveries, as a result of an old injury or the faulty circumcision. This affects the wife with disabilities in these areas and of course, the woman loses confidence in herself and in her femininity.
which has a great effect on the marital relationship.

Don't worry, you don't have to tolerate this problem anymore... You can get a special filler injected into the feminine areas to get rid of the sagging and wrinkles in these areas and restore your feminine beauty, charmness and thus restore your marital happiness.

5-Treatment of urinary incontinence in women by laser:
"When I laugh, drops of urine fall from me," an embarrassing complaint suffered by some women is the problem of urinary incontinence caused by repeated births, a disorder in the bladder or as a result of psychological pressure.
Now, thanks to the medical development, this disorder can be solved in just 20 minutes, without pain, without anesthesia, without surgery, and another session takes place after a month and a half, so the lady gets rid of the annoying problem of urinary incontinence.