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Urinary infections during pregnancy

Urinary infections during pregnancy

Urinary infections during pregnancy... A big problem if left untreated.

1-Frequent urination.
2-Burning sensation during urination.
3-Change in the colour of the urine to the darker colour.
4-Change in the smell of urine.
5-The appearance of blood in the urine.

* The number of urination times during pregnancy does not necessarily mean that there are urine infections. This is because the pregnancy presses on the bladder and causes these symptoms without infections.
What determines the presence of infection or not, is the urine test and the urine culture which are primary in the diagnosis.

* How to collect urine sample?
it is a very important step to know, because the right way is to collect the middle-stream urination, not the first or the last, for many medical reasons.

* The urine test and culture must be repeated every month and a half or two months at the most in case of urinary infections in the pregnant.